Establishment of a NA meeting

If you are interested in starting a new NA department, there are a number of things to consider. E.g. that certain rules are followed so that the department will be recognized by the National Service Committee and thus enter the meeting schedule of the NA Association in Iceland and the NA World Service (

The following reading materials can assist you in creating an NA faculty:

When a faculty has been created, send information about the faculty to the e-mail address so that the meeting can be added to the meeting schedule of the website.. The following information, in addition to the actual location of the meeting, must be provided in the aforementioned post:

  • Whether the meeting is open or closed.*
  • The meeting form itself (Book meeting, discussion meeting, etc.) *
  • Meeting facilities (non-smoking, etc.)
  • Facilities for people with special needs (wheelchair accessibility, sign language interpreter, etc.)
  • If the meeting is held for minority groups (e.g. men, women's meetings, gay men, gay women.) *

*Information to be provided