The meetings

NA meetings are primarily intended for addicts or those who think they have a problem with drugs. Most meetings are closed, i.e. for the aforementioned group. There are also open meetings designed for those who want to familiarise themselves with the work of the association, e.g. family members, specialists, etc.

"The NA World Council recommends to follow the following guidelines and definitions:
  1. A Narcotics Anonymous meeting, whether open or closed, is a haven for addicts. It is conceived as a safe and enhancing place where addicts can hear and participate in recovery from the disease of drug addiction. As much as we would like, we can't be everything possible for everyone.
  2. A closed session in Narcotics Anonymous is for those individuals who associate themselves with being addicts or those who are uncertain and think they have a drug problem. A closed NA session provides freedom that is a prerequisite for the personal and intimate expression of NA members. It does this by providing an atmosphere in which addicts can feel confident that those attending the meeting can relate to them, and share their own experiences, strengths and hopes.
  3. An open meeting is an NA meeting where anyone can attend (e.g., judges, probation officers, specialists, family members) who is interested in how we have found recovery from addiction. Verbal expression, however, is restricted to NA members only. An open session at Narcotics Anonymous allows people outside the organization to observe what Narcotics Anonymous is and how it works. This can be extremely helpful for those individuals who are trying to find out about their own status as addicts. An open meeting in Narcotics Anonymous is one method our departments use to fulfill their primary purpose, to carry the message to the addict who is still suffering. In addition, some departments have open meetings to allow non-addicted friends and relatives of NA members to celebrate milestone victories with them..."

Quote taken from the World Office website.