National and regional services

Faculty members attend National Service and Regional Committee meetings. They represent their home departments and give voice to the conscience of their departments at the aforementioned meetings. The meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of the month; meetings of the National Service in odd-numbered months and the Regional Committee in even months.
Below you can read about work within hospitals and institutions. The goal is to include information on additional services that NA members can undertake on behalf of the NA organization. All services within the organization are performed with the primary purpose of the organization in mind, which is to convey the message of recovery from active addiction to the addict who is still suffering.

Hospitals and institutions

Those who want to continue to give the solution that freed them from their addiction, then going into a hospital or institution as a 3rd person is a good start. Sign up for the SOS list here. There is no requirement for a clean time to register on this list*.

*Institutions have different requirements for how long addicts must have been clean of drugs. SOS meetings are held regularly in the Yellow House loft, Tjarnargata 20, for those who wish to apply to take meetings to a hospital or institution. The meetings are advertised on the website.